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The Adventures of

Chas from Tas

Volume 1



Chas from Tas vol 1 book cover


“How often do we hear people say that you don’t find characters today the way you used to.  Well, Chas from Tas proves that they still exist!  He is one of the unsung heroes of yachting who sailed with the best.  For those of you that want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this is the sort of book that show you how it really is, in life as in sailing. There is no better Fellow Rover than Chas from Tas”. 

“Shipwrecked! Marooned!
I know from personal experience that sailing with Chas from Tas can be a dangerous undertaking.  If you want to experience the thrill of it all without risk to your life -

Brilliantly funny. Memories, history and stories of how it used to be sailing and racing the great oceans of the world. Highly recommend for sailors and non sailors alike- for anyone who loves true and great adventure.

Can't wait for the next


Sir Robin Knox Johnston.

Simon Le Bon.


“Chas from Tas has many times held me spellbound with stories from his life at sea in all the globe’s oceans, on offshore races and countless delivery voyages he has made ferrying yachts between venues”. 

Sir James Hardy

In The Press

“In a world awash with dime-a-dozen poseurs and wannabe celebrities, it comes as a delightful surprise to cross tacks at last with someone who is high on the list of life’s genuine heroes. Charles Blundell, better known as Chas from Tas, is a Man’s Man, a world-renowned sailor and one of the sea’s great story-tellers and raconteurs. This is the first in a trilogy that will in time become the indispensable companion for all those who hear the sea’s siren call and yet can but dream of “the vagrant gypsy life”
“Chas from Tas may stow all his worldly possessions in just a couple of well-travelled seabags, but he has in his head and in his heart a priceless wealth of experience that most of us can scarcely begin to imagine.
In the late 1960’s he left Tasmania and set out alone to explore the world, Chas made a vow that he would never waste a moment of his life sitting behind a desk. True to his word, he embarked upon what might best be described as The Voyage of a Lifetime, a journey in which he has probably logged more sea miles under sail than any man alive. His life before the mast, captured so vividly in Renegades at Sea, is chock-a-block with the kind of hilarious and hair-raising experiences that provoke either gales of laughter or head-shaking incredulity. Turning page after page, I laughed so hard that my ribs ached.
With the aid of his co-author Juliet ‘Fruity’ Prentice, beautifully polished phrases capture convincing dialogue of a kind that might have come from the pen of Conrad or Kipling.
Chas from Tas is a one-off original. There is no one else quite like him and there probably never will be again. Which is a very good reason to buy a copy of this splendid book and stand by to purchase the second volume”.


Bruce Stannard, author and journalist


Charles Blundell

(Chas from Tas)

Chas from Tas at the helm

Thrown into freezing Southern Ocean waters on a stormy, moonless night as a boy Chas from Tas survived and was fated to live a life of adventure as a renegade at sea.
Swearing never to take an ordinary job it is a promise he has kept, voyaging more miles than to the moon one and a half times and back.  He has not lived in one country for more than six months in the last forty years, carries his worldly possessions in three small sea bags, takes on missions very few would even consider, has been searching for Captain Kidd’s lost treasure for twenty-five years, escaped typhoons, pirates and sinking yachts and drunk half the bars in the known world dry. Chas is as unrepentantly Australian and piratical a sea-dog as you’ll ever meet.

Juliet Prentice (Fruity)

Juliette Prentice photo

Juliet penned these biographies in treasured memory of her late father John Prentice, who raced many a campaign with his yacht ‘Battlecry’, and with whom she sailed some wonderful voyages.   
She chronicled and wrote these memoirs from Chas’s recollections, lest the tales within of a unique era be forgotten; the adventures of ocean-going vagabonds and saltwater gypsies, with a cast of buccaneers and brilliant sailors, all of whom share a passion for the world’s oceans and beautiful boats.




to be released shortly.
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